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The Impossible Quiz

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The Impossible Quiz is not a typical every day puzzle game. It is not the traditional question-answer type. Despite this, the game is quite simple to understand and play thanks to the simple rules which makes it a great passtime for any person. At the beginning of the game you are given three lives. Now, all you have to do is answer all the 120 questions without losing all your lives and if you do lose all three then you will have to start from the first question again. Now, the content of the questions is creatively crafted to give your mind a little challenge. You will have to move your brains and think hard for some questions, especially the ones which are presented as logic puzzles with outstanding twists that never seem to end. It is very easy to get addicted to the game Impossible Quiz. The presentation style of questions is optimized to be visually appealing to the player and this keeps them glued to their screens trying to solve each of the questions.

The concept behind The Impossible Quiz is quite simple though it usually has the feel of a grand game show rather than just the average solo-player games. For players who actually played it to the hundredth times or even get to finish, usually feels like they have just won the lottery. It is kind of like winning the grand prize in “Deal or No Deal.” The game show-like feeling is asserted by the interactive nature of the questions.

They are integrated with unexpected diversions which make the player more eager to continue playing. Along the way as you play, you will come across occasional jokes, tricky questions and mazes. Furthermore, some of the questions will have some words that have more than one meanings. To spice up Impossible Quiz game, the developers also integrated other mini-games which are equally as enjoyable as the main game.

Well, if you have to go through all this, the game would seem completely impossible though each time you lose you will have the urge to make a grand comeback once you restart the game play. It still is entertaining as you will then get to apply different ways of thinking each time you have to replay. To tone down on the difficulty of the game, at times you get power ups called "Skips" which you can use to skip certain questions that may seem too difficult for you to handle.

If you get a "Skip" button use it wisely because the game will always try its best to outwit you by presenting you with harder or very tricky questions when you least expect it. Critical and creative thinking cannot be emphasized enough when it comes to The Impossible Quiz. You will naturally start thinking out of the box once you get a hang of the idea behind the game.

This game is one of the most interesting, popular and well known games all over the world. People of all ages love playing this game with great pleasure, they try to improve their knowledge and all thinking abilities because The Impossible Quiz is a masterpiece that effortlessly blends, balances and integrates fun and educative , something that very few games have been able to achieve.

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